At Copenhagen Horseback Riding I offer trips into nature, to the water or in the woods

We ride from Tømmerupvej 261 through either the Amager Fælled, Kongelund forest, Søvang or Kongelund beach, depending on your preference and what the weather permits.

My goal is to provide a wonderful experience in nature and that my travel companions enjoy my friendly Icelandic horses. I only offer trips for no more than three or four people, so you get the full benefit of my guided tours.

If you wish, you can help to groom and saddle up. This is a great way for you to get to know the horse better. I try to make sure the group consists of people with similar riding abilities. It’s not a requirement that you are able to ride or have experience with horses however. The most important thing is that you want to get out into nature in a different way and experience a new part of Copenhagen.

If you’re a small group who have a particular wish regarding where the trip takes place and the length, just let me know and we can discuss the possibilities. We ride in all weather, so remember to wear appropriate clothing. The tour may be cancelled if the weather is too bad.

NB! Please be there 20 min. before departure.